Danny Carrell
Certified Techniian
Danny Carrell Owner/manager Certified Techniian

Our Approach

WHAT MAKES A-1 saw different

Fact: There are many Lawn mower/Equipment repair businesses across the square mile. What sets us apart from them?  Experience and knowledge that you acquire from 35 years of sales and certified repair service. Teamed up with the desire to do the complete job the first time around at an affordable cost to our customer by eliminating unnecessary repairs.

Our Story

I have been working in the small engine repair industry since I was 15 years old, still in high school, working in multiple shops and training under some of the top small engine technicians and managers in the City of Wichita. Training under these master mechanics allowed me to acquire a more diversified set of knowledge skills that sets me apart from other technicians. Four years ago I started the new dba A-1 Saw, as owner/manager, at the 1611 E. Waterman location.

Meet the TEAM

Angela Borden
Front desk parts mgr

Angela Borden

Front desk/parts manager


Alan Eledge

A-1 Technician

Next Steps...

Bring your equipment in today. Give us a chance to show you what we can do for you and at a reasonable cost.